Welcome to the world of natural variable acoustics!

–  SIAP Acoustics transforms any single purpose hall into a multifunctional hall that becomes optimal for any kind of performance with (un)amplified sound.  –


The new built Cultural Center ”Zinder”, located in Tiel has choosed SIAP to accomodate the variable acoustics in the hall. This ‘pop hall’ has a 120 seat retractable tribune and will be used for small theatre and musical performances. https://www.zinder.nl/

SIAP has won the tender for prestigious DAICEC (Dhirubai Ambani International Convention and Exhibition Center) in Mumbai, India.
This project, developed by Reliance Industries Limited and won by main contractor Samsung C & T is in full swing and is expected to be completed Spring next year. This project includes a congress and exhibition center, cultural square, apartments, an office building and a very luxurious theatre / auditorium, based on the design of the Dolby theatre in Hollywood. The hall has a capacity of 2,000 seats and is used multifunctional: live performances (theater), amplified and unamplified concerts, cinema and congress purposes. This project involves a total investment of more than $ 678 million.

SIAP will deploy the latest Mark V-64 / Dante processor which, together with the Dolby Atmos system, will provide the room with all possible acoustic wishes that are conceivable. The design comprises almost 160 loudspeakers and all microphones will be brought to the correct positions via automated electronic cable reelers, depending on the usage situation. This way there are no microphones in sight and / or projection lines during film performances.

SIAP is succesfully commissioned in Schijndel. This relatively small (movie) theatre is now equiped with a SIAP Mark V system, which works in conjunction with a Dolby surround processor. More details on the project page. 

Theater Markant, located in Uden,  has had the first piano concerto with acoustics support of the new SIAP Mark V processor on Sunday, 1st of July! Both, players and technical manager and also the piano tuner were impressed. As for years, the SIAP theater has variable acoustics, starting in 1997 with the then Mark III Processor. In 2005 this was followed up by the Mark IV and now, 14 years later the Mark V makes it way to the Theater. In the new season (beginning September a.s.) there will be an introduction of the new processor. For theater Markant this is a friendly but valuable upgrade of the system. All amplifiers, loudspeakers and microphones were almost all good at inspection and did not need to be replaced. With this, only the processor and the control panel had to be replaced which was a cost effective upgrade.

On the 13th of February, the commission of the new SIAP system was a fact. This was initiated with a large choir and the acoustics sounded in its full glory. With a modest 2.0 seconds preset (concert hall acoustics) up to 4.0 seconds (large church acoustics) exuberant experiments were carried out. One day later, all registers of the organ were pulled open and the large church acoustics (5.0 seconds reverberation time) was activated as this former church originally sounded, before being transformed into a theater. The system has two separate microphones for the organ that evenly receive the organ sound. Now that the acoustics are proper, this organ will be taken care of within the foreseeable future to put all mechanical and pneumatic parts back in order. In addition to all variable acoustics, routing and surround possibilities, the former church can also keep (original) organ concerts with the magisterial organ which is part of the church since 1948. Moreover, the theater can call itself unique because they are the only theater in the Netherlands with a play organ ( with accompanying acoustics!) and with 13 registers which can even be expanded. ‘All sorts of exciting combinations between organ music and performing arts are conceivable’, says city organist Jan van de Laar with a look into the future.

SIAP Mark V is here….it talks Dante.


Some Projects We’ve Completed For Our Clients


Some Words From Our Clients

“The Concertgebouw Orchestra doesn’t come here just like that. Very good acoustics.”

“Since the renovation this is one of the best theatres for me: great acoustics in the main theatre.” 

“Such a good sound in the Limburg Hall in Theatre Heerlen.”

“I performed at the newly renovated Theatre Heerlen with the Limburg Symphony Orchestra, I was very pleasantly surprised at the quality that has been acquired in the concert hall. Beautiful acoustics and an asset to the region.”

Jaap van Zweden

“The acoustic quality achieved by the SIAP systems enables us to program classical music at the highest level,” says theatre director Bas Schoonderwoerd. “It is now possible to participate in the concert series of touring international orchestras. Since the renovation even the world famous Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra
returns every year: it is the highlight of the season.” The theatre has purchased Stune8, SIAP’s fine-tuning software. The audio engineers are now able to create their own presets and routings.

Bas Schoonderwoerd

Integrating a SIAP system


A meeting, visit of the venue, drawings (if exist) and needs will give us enough information to make a proposal and preliminary quotation.


Based on drawings and a visit we’ll make a design that comprises that right amount of equipment for perfect acoustics.


The installation company place and install the microphones, speakers, cables, amplifiers, racks and connect it to the SIAP processor.


The SIAP system will be tuned in three to four consecutive days by specialists of SIAP. All presets will be created and all measurements will be done.


For fine tuning, (subjective adjustment), it is preferable to have one or two extra days with “live” music on stage. We won’t leave until everybody is happy.