Project Brief The project This municipal theatre opened in 1996 and is one of the theatre designs by the internationally known Dutch architect Herman Herzberger. The theatre auditorium seats 685 people and has a large fly tower fully equipped technical stage installations. In 2012 the enlargement with a multipurpose events hall (by the [...]


Project Brief The project The Netherlands Reformed Church of Wijk near Heusden was built in the 14th century and was severely damaged in 1944 when it was in the front line. The roof collapsed and fell through the vaulted ceiling into the church space. Rebuilding the destroyed structures began immediately and in 1949 [...]


Project Brief The project In 1933, a local freelance journalist and playwright named Alexander B. Paterson founded the original Byre Theatre. Initially a semi-derelict cow byre was quickly transformed it into a space able to accommodate their theatrical output. This marked the beginning of the ‘St Andrews Play Club’, which still performs at the theatre [...]

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